7 Best Must Try Veg And Non-Veg Punjabi Dishes

7 Best Must Try Veg And Non-Veg Punjabi Dishes

Punjabis are known for their elegant lifestyle and their unique cuisine. From a glass of Lassi to their mouth-watering Sarso da Saag with Makki di roti, their unique and delicious cuisine is loved by everyone.

Punjab is considered as the land of the good-hearted people and the land of home-grown food. Most dishes that are made in the Punjabi Cuisine are made out of fresh vegetables, and fresh herbs and spices.

In order to help you make up your mind for your next visit at a Punjabi restaurant Calgary, Bikaner Sweets and Restaurant bring you 7 of the best Punjabi Dishes that you should try.

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Here are the best 7 veg and non-veg Punjabi dishes you should try:

Sarso Da Saag

If you want to try the best Punjabi dish available, go with Sarso da Sag. This dish is made out of mustard leaves, spices, and is served with fresh hot Makki di roti with ghee.

Its main ingredients are bunch spinach, mustard leaves, Makki ka Atta, and Bathua

Chole Bhature

Fried bread, better known as bhature, is served with chana masala. These two are usually served in breakfast and is served with onions, carrot pickle, green chutney, and achaar.

Many Punjabis drink lassi with Chole Bhature.

Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal, considered as the food for weekends. Red Kidney beans are cooked with tomatoes and onions, so its gravy can become thick.

Rajma (Red Kidney Beans with thick gravy) is usually served with Basmati Rice and Curd.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is considered as the crowning jewel of the Punjabi Non-Veg cuisine. Butter Chicken is usually served in big parties or during night outs. This creamy dish is served with tandoori naan or rumaali roti.


Lassi is the pride of Punjab, this sweet or salty thick drink is full of cream and butter. You can even order lassi in flavours now, sweet tastes of mango, rose, and strawberries are added to bring a twist.

Lassi is usually served during the scorching heat of the Indian Summer.

Machchli Amritsari

For fish lovers, Punjabi cuisine offers the Machchli Amritsari. Fish is coated in a spicy batter and is deep-fried in “saro da tel”. It is then garnished with a sprinkling garam masala and lemon juice for its aftertaste flavour.

This is usually served during night outs or get together.

Aloo Parantha And Dahi

If you want to have a healthy and heavy breakfast for a long day, then Aloo da parantha with dahi should be your choice.

Make sure to ask an extra piece of butter for your parantha’s.

Paneer Tikka

Better known as the “Chicken for Vegetarians”, paneer tikka has a special place in the street foods of Punjab.

Soft Cheese or Paneer is grilled and spiced for a smoky and hot flavour. It is usually served as an appetizer and is served with rice or a rumalli roti.

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