10 Best Indian Desserts You Should Try

10 Best Indian Desserts You Should Try

Indian Desserts are known for their unique taste and colours, and there is no denying every Indian has a dessert after they eat their breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

India is home to a large number of unique and delicious sweets that are served depending on the occasion and celebration.

Rasgullas, Kaju katlis, Gulab jamuns, and Barfi may be the most popular ones in India, but we are about to bring you the other unique sweet dishes that you should try.

In this blog, we are going to bring the 10 best Indian desserts you should try. All of the desserts below have their own unique taste, history, and texture.

Here are the 10 Best Indian Desserts You Should Try At A Indian Restaurant:

1. Khas Khas Ka Halwa

Considered as the cousin of Suji Ka Halwa, the Khas Khas Ka Halwa is more unique when it comes to texture, appeal, and flavour.

The Khas Khas Ka Halwa has a rich gold colour. This dessert is usually served during winter time in the northern region of India.

2. Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is served to help you warm your winter. This dessert comes in two styles, one just like any other halwa, and the second one comes in cubes and has koha on top of it.

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3. Sandesh

Consider as the super hit of Bengal, this dessert is made with cardamom, saffron, and cottage cheese. Sandesh is also called as the ‘Emblem of Bengaliness’.

4. Modak

Modak is made out of sweet flour dumplings that are stuffed with saffron, jaggery, nutmeg, and coconut. It is then steamed.

Madak is a famous Indian dessert, it is served most during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

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5. Aam Shrikhand

The favourite of Gujarat, the Aam Shrikhand is made out of hung curd (sweetened yogurt) and mango pieces. This dessert is also served with a mango salad.

6. Kheer

The go-to dessert of Punjabis, kheer is made out of rice and milk. If you’re in a rush and you want to prepare a delicious and unique dessert, then Kheer is the best choice.

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7. Payasam

If Punjabis got kheer, then the south Indians have Payasam. This is the south Indian version of Kheer, it is made out of raisins, cashews, rice, and milk pudding.

8. Kulfi

Kulfi, the Indian Ice-Cream, this one is a very famous dessert that you can find anywhere in India. A Kulfi is made out of pistachios, almonds, saffron, and milk.

Kulfi is mostly sold during summer time.

9. Shahi Tukda

This dish goes way back to the Mogul empire, the Marut Sikka is added into saffron that is infused with shahi tukda from Awadh.

10. Chocolate Barfi

Everyone loves chocolate, and why not try a barfi that has a chocolate flavor? Barfi is an Indian sweet fudge that is made out of milk, sugar, and flavouring ingredients.

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