Best Non-Veg Dishes In India

By just thinking about Indian Non-Veg dishes, the first thing that comes up to your mind is “it’s going to be spicy”. There are a lot of non-veg dishes in India that are packed with Smokey and wonderful flavours that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

With this, there is one problem, choosing from a large variety of dishes can be really difficult and time-consuming, and instead of just making a random guess, why not search the best non-veg dishes in Indian cuisine?

In order to help you choose the best non-veg dish, we bring you the  best non-veg dishes in India:

1. Paya Soup

The Paya Soup is a non-veg dish that is loved by people who live in Bhopal. This non-veg soup uses lamb mutton as its main ingredient and uses a lot of fresh herbs and spices.

2. Haleem

Haleem is considered as the best non-veg dish out of Hyderabad. It is mainly served during the days of the Ramadan. This one is also made out of mutton and has numerous spices and herbs.

This non-veg dish is smokey and is cooked slowly. Usually, it takes around 7 to 8 hours in cooking Haleem.

3. Tunde Kebab

The best kabab of Lucknow is the Tunde Kabab. Made out of buffalo meat and a lot of spices, this one is really juicy and is loved by tourists and locals.

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4. Bheja Fry

Bheja Fry, which literally means fried brain, is a popular dish out of Mumbai that uses the brain of the goat as its main ingredient.

This weird but yummy dish is loved by locals. It has attracted so much attention that a lot of tourists from all over the world travel to Mumbai to taste and experience the unique dish.

5. Keema Matar

One of the best non-veg recipes in New Delhi, the keema matar is best served with chilled coke and hot steaming rice. The Keema Matar uses ground meat as its main ingredient and has peas.

6. Rogan Josh

The dish of the Mughals that was inspired by the cuisine of Persia, the Kashmiri Rogan Josh uses lamb meat as its main ingredient.

You will taste the best Rogan Josh meat food in Kashmir, India.

7. Chicken Tikka Masala

The chicken tikka masala is the best non-veg dish out of Punjab. This dish is loved by Indians.

its spicy, smokey and is rich in flavour.

The chicken tikka masala is best served with naan or rice and tamarind or mint chutney.

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8. Fish Fry

The best non-veg dish of Goa, the fish fry is served on the beaches of Goa. You can enjoy the cold breeze of the beaches with your hot fresh Fish Fry with a bottle of beer. Fish fry is best served with rice.

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