5 Reasons Why You Should Try Indian Food

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Indian Food

The first thing that comes up on our minds when we think about Indian food is its going to be spicy, fatty, heavy, and it is not good for our health. Sorry to break this news but that’s not true. Indian dishes are known to be healthy, delicious, and flavorful.

Indian dishes use fresh herbs and vegetables, and that’s why they have such a unique flavor and wonderful tastes.
It’s just that some people like to place a lot of oil when they cook food. You will likely see this in Indian street food or cheap Indian food stalls in India.

Healthy Indian food is a trait that gets unnoticed, and in order to change your mind and to force you eat Indian food, we bring you 5 reasons why you should try Indian food.

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Before we a start, here are a couple of things that makes Indian food healthy.

• Indian Food uses a lot of vegetables and fruits
• It uses fresh herbs and spices
• Mostly vegetarian
• High in fiber
• Low in saturated fat
• Requires fresh ingredients

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Try Indian Food:

1. Indian Thalis

The Indian thali is a must to try; it usually has 3-5 small bowls, and in them goes a number of sabzis, rice, roti, chutney, aachar, salad, or daal. The thalis also have sweets in them. Basically, a thali is like a buffet that allows you to try different dishes at the same time. A thali is a complete course meal that is full of nutrients.

2. Spicy Food

For people who love spicy food, it is a no brainer that you should try the Indian cuisine. In case you didn’t know, spicy food can help you increase your metabolism and can help you lose some weight. So if you want to have good food and shred a couple of pounds, make sure you try Indian food restaurant Calgary!

3. Fresh Herbs And Spices

Indian dishes require a lot of spices and herbs. This includes ginger, garlic, red chillies, green chillies, turmeric, black salt, black pepper, and many more.
Many believe that Indian food is the food of our soul as it allows us to connect more with the nature.
One misconception people have is Indian food is unhealthy and spicy, but they do not realize that the herbs and spices that are used to make the dish is actually good for your health.

4. Good Source Of Nutrients

Indian meals are full with nutrients. Here are some nutrients you can find in Indian dishes:
• Carbs
• Proteins
• Fats
• Fibers

These 4 nutrients play a huge role in your balanced diet.

5. Can Be Cooked By Anyone

One great thing about Indian food is that anyone can make it. You just need to have the right ingredients, cooking utensils, and a video that shows you how to cook the food.

Indian food may look like it’s hard to make, but trust me when I say this, it is actually not and it is actually one of the easiest foods you can cook.
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