6 Bizarre Foods You Can Eat In India

6 Bizarre Foods You Can Eat In India

Everyone knows how good Indian Cuisine is, but one thing you did not know is that they also have bizarre and exotic foods that would disgust or amaze you. If you like wild food then it’s a no brainer that you should try these 6 deadly delicacies in India.

Here Are 6 Bizarre Foods You Can Eat In India

  1. Frog Legs (Goa and Sikkim)

This dish originates from France, but it has been pleasing Indians in Goa and Sikkim for a long time. This exotic and wild dish uses fried frog legs as its main ingredient.

The Lepchas Community in Sikkim uses this dish to cure a number of stomach related health issues, and in Goa, people eat the Indian Bullfrog during the monsoon months. But, you may only find this type of frog in a number of restaurants as the Indian Bullfrog is listed in the threatened species list.

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  1. Red Ants Chutney (Chattisgarh)

Indians love chutney, and we’re pretty sure that someone who loved ants decided to make one with red ants. In Batsar, Chhattisgarh, there is a red hot chutney that is locally called as “chaprah”. This dish uses red ants and their eggs as the main ingredients. First, the red ants are dried, and are crushed with salt, spices, and sweeteners.

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  1. Steamed Hornets And Snail Stew (Nagaland)

When in Nagaland, make sure you try their steamed hornets and snail stew. These dishes are famous street foods in Nagaland, and you know what’s famous too? Silkworm curry!

This is all because of the 15 tribes that are found in Nagaland. Areas that have the most exotic dishes is usually the home of tribes who inherited the dish from their ancestors.

  1. Bhunni (Garhwal)

In Garhwal, Uttarakhand, you will find Bhunni, a unique dish that is made with the liver, stomach, intestines and the blood of a goat.

All the ingredients are friend along with a number of herbs and spices. This one is actually considered as a delicacy in Uttarakhand.

  1. Doh Kleh (Meghalaya)

The Doh Kleh is a top-notch extreme cuisine that not everyone can eat. This dish uses pork as its main ingredient. This dish uses salad garnished with pig’s brain and is steamed.

This dish is usually made by the Jaintia, Khasis, and Garos tribes in Meghalaya. They pair it dish with steaming hot rice.

  1. Dog Meat

This one is for those people who like to eat exotic food. Dog Meat is usually prepared in Nagaland, Mizoram, and Manipur, these cities have their own unique dishes, but it’s mostly cooked as a curry type dish by the tribal communities.

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