5 Best Street Food You Should Try When In Mumbai

5 Best Street Food You Should Try When In Mumbai

Everyone loves Mumbai because of the mouthwatering street food it offers. Their unique street food has amazing flavors and ingredients. Enjoying street food in the streets of Mumbai is just different, you get to witness their amazing culture and lifestyle. If you’re in Mumbai, make sure you eat the following street food!


Here Are 5 Best Street Food In Mumbai You Should Try During Your Visit In Mumbai

  1. Vada Pav

One of the most popular and most available food snacks that you can find in the streets of Mumbai. Anywhere you go, it’s certain that you’ll find someone selling Vada Pav.

A lot of people call Vada Pav as the vegetarian burger of Mumbai. This snack consists of a mashed potato mixture that is fried as a patty and is stuff inside a burger bun. As its sauce, vada pav uses chutneys and a number of seasonings.


  1. Bhelpuri

You can find Bhelpuri on every street of Mumbai. But locals prefer to eat Bhelpuri along the Juhu and the Girgaum Chowpatty beach. As a matter of fact, you can find Bhelpuri anywhere in India, but it all started in the busy streets of Mumbai.

Bhelpuri uses puffed rice, sev, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, chutneys, and a number of spices along with cilantro. This snack is really crunchy, sweet, and spicy.

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  1. Pav Bhaji

You may try Pav Bhaji in a lot of states in India, but you’ll never taste something similar to the ones that are being sold in the streets of Mumbai. Pav Bhaji was originally the food for the workers who used to come home late from work. According to history, workers used the leftovers and mixed them up and used bread to eat the dish.

Pav Bhaji uses potatoes and tomatoes mashed up with spices and served with buttered toasted bread. You can try this street food with a cold bottle of coke, and you’re good to go.

  1. Kebab Rolls

For all the meat lovers, Mumbai has the best kebab rolls for you. Mostly served in street-side restaurants, residents in Mumbai love to eat kebab wrapped in a fresh cooked rumali roti. You can also try boneless chicken wrapped in a rumali roti.

Many prefer eating the kebab rolls as a late-night snack when they are walking through the streets of Mumbai.


  1. Mumbai Duck Fry

Loved by many, the Mumbai Duck Fry is a must if you love non-veg food. Usually found in a traditional Indian restaurant in Calgary, the Mumbai Duck Fry can also be found in the busy streets of Mumbai. Locals call it as the Bombil.

Another thing about Mumbai Duck Fry is that it doesn’t really use duck as its main ingredient. It’s actually a lizardfish that is deep-fried so it could have a crisp flavor.

This dish is usually served in a thali, where you can enjoy it as a side dish along with your favorite Indian food.

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