5 Indian Dishes You Must Try!

India is known for its unique spicy and flavorful cuisine. Every dish in its cuisine has an amazing history, and each one of them has something different to offer. Depending where you are in India or around the world, you can get a glimpse of the Indian cuisine.
Indian inspired restaurants are really famous in Canada, and it’s pretty certain that you’ve tried Indian food before. But the big question is, have you tried its best food?

an Indian food restaurant Calgary
Here Are 5 Indian Dishes You Should Try During Your Next Visit to an Indian Restaurant

1. Idli Sambar

One of the most popular dishes of South India, the Idli Sambar is a dish that is often eaten for breakfast. It offers an interesting mix of flavors, and the sambar is just amazing. Idli is a fermented rice cake that is steamed, and Sambar is a sour vegetable stew.
Along with the Idli Sambar, you could eat it with coconut and mint chutney. If you want to try Idli Sambar in Calgary, make sure you try it at best Indian restaurant in Calgary! We have every type of South Indian dish on our menu!

2. Samosa

You probably heard about this snack before. Samosa is the most famous snack of India. These triangular fried snacks are served with cha or coke for snacks. Samosas have potatoes, onions, peas, paneer, tofu, and many other ingredients (depending the type of samosa you order).
Depending on what type of sauce you like, you can pair samosas with ketchup, mint chutney, sweet chutney, tomato chutney, and other types of chutneys.

3. Soya Champ

If you’re a vegetarian and you like to taste something similar to kebabs, then Soya Champ is something you should try when you’re visiting an Indian food restaurant Calgary. You can order the malai champ, tandoori champ, masala champ, achaari champ, and more.
Just like kebabs, soya champs are cooked in a tandoor. They have an amazing juicy and amazing flavor.

4. Dahi Vada

If you want to try something healthy and delicious, you should try Dahi Vada. These lentil dumplings are dipped into curd (dahi) and are topped off with savory tamarind and spicy mint chutney. Usually, Dahi Vada is served before you eat your main dish or you eat this after you eat your meal.
During weddings or other celebrations, Dahi Vada is served as a snack.

5. Tandoori Chicken

This dish is so famous that other countries have officially added this dish to their western menus. A tandoori chicken is a masala chicken that is marinated in yogurt that is full of herbs and spices and is cooked or baked in a tandoor oven.
Thanks to the raging fire that’s burning inside the tandoor, the tandoori chicken has a juicy and rich smoky flavor.

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