10 Indian Dishes You Should Try

10 Indian Dishes You Should Try

Indian cuisine has a lot to offer and it reflects on its population and culture. You can be a meat-eater or a vegetarian, the Indian cuisine has everything for you!
Here Are 10 Indian Dishes You Should Try ASAP!

1. Pani Puri

Pani puri, which is also known as gol gappe is a snack that is loved by all Indians. This street snack is mostly found in central and north India. This dish uses small fried balls which are then stuffed with potatoes, peas, and black channa, then they are dipped in a spicy mint and sweet water!

2. Keema

Keema is a non-vegetarian dish that is famous in the northern and central states of India. This dish uses goat or lamb meat as its main ingredient. It is paired with a tadka that consists of green peas, garlic, onions, ginger and chilies.

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3. Desi Chaat

Chaat is a savor snack that is found in almost every street in India. This snack uses fried bread or a potato patty that is full of chili and chickpeas as its main ingredient. The main ingredient is then eaten with yogurt and tamarind sauce.

4. Idli Sambar

Idli is a steamed savory cake that is made out of rice batter mixed with fermented black lentils. This dish is mostly eaten in breakfast. The Idli is served with hot sambar and mint chutney for dipping. This dish originates from Southern India, and is loved by every Indian.

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5. Kebabs

If you’re a non-vegetarian, you should try the desi kebab. This dish is known for its smokiness and juiciness. Most of the kebabs in India are made in tandoors, and they are full of herbs, spices, and amazing sauces.

6. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a type of fast food dish that originates from Maharashtra, a southern state in India. This dish uses a thick vegetable curry and is served with soft bread buns that are dipped in sauce and butter. This dish is also served with coconut and mint chutney.

7. Biryani

Biryani is a dish that is available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarian people. This dish uses vegetables, saffron, spices, and meat as its main ingredients. If you go with the veg biryani, you will see carrots, cabbage, onions, peas, and other vegetables in it, and if you go with the non-veg biryani, you will see mutton and chicken in the fried rice.

8. Momos

Momos are dumplings that are famous in Nepal and Tibet. But in case you didn’t know, they are loved by Indians, especially the ones that live in Northern India. Momos are dumplings that are either fried or steamed, and they use vegetables as their main ingredients. This snack is also available for non-veg people, and it uses pork, goat, chicken, or lamb meat.

9. Rajma Chawal

This dish is loved by everyone and is considered as the classiest dish of India. Mostly loved by vegetarians, Rajma is a dish that uses red kidney beans as its main ingredient and is bathed in tomato-based gravy. This dish is paired with hot basmati rice.

10. Roti

Roti is a type of flatbread that is made out of ground whole-meal flour. This flatbread is used to carry sabzis, curries, and other liquid Indian dishes.

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