10 Indian Sweets You Should Try In Canada!

10 Indian Sweets You Should Try In Canada!

When it comes to desserts and sweets, India is the best country in the world that offers a huge traditional variety. It is no surprise that wherever you go in India, you will find different sweets with different history, and in order to help you know more about Indian sweets, we bring you 20 of the best Indian sweets from different states in India.

10 Indian Sweets from Different States in India

1. Qubani ka Meetha

Qubani ka meetha is an Indian sweet that is made out of dried apricots. This sweet dish originates from Hyderabad and is mostly served during weddings in Hyderabad and other neighboring states and districts.

2. Narikol’or Ladoo

Narikol’or ladoos are coconut ladoos. The most famous ladoos in India are the motichoor ladoo, but thanks to the great abundance of coconuts in Assam and other south Indian states, the Narikol’or Ladoos are a thing.

3. Khaja

Also called as layered fritters, Khaja is an Indian and Nepalese dish that is loved by many. This Indian sweet is dry from the outside and is juicy and sweet from the inside.

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4. Bebinca

Bebinca is a type of pudding that has 7 layers. Its ingredients includes flour, sugar, ghee, egg, coconut milk, and sometimes vanilla. This dish is a traditional Indian-Portuguese dessert that is also famous in the Philippines.

5. Rasgulla

Rasgulla is an Indian syrupy dessert that is mostly served in Southern and Northern states in India. They are ball-shaped white or pink dumplings that are soaked in light syrup that is made out of sugar.

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6. Jallebi

Jalebi, which is also known as zalabia and zulbia, is an Indian sweet that is popular all over in India and even in the Middle East. This sweet dish is made from a pretzel that is deep fried and is soaked in sugary syrup.

7. Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a milk-solid-based sweet that is loved by all Indians and every person that tastes it. This dish is also served in the Maldives, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

8. Kheer

Kheer is a dish that is loved by the Punjabis. It uses basmati rice, milk, sugar, and some nuts as its ingredients. This dish is sometimes considered as the go-to Indian sweet dish by many Indian households.

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9. Barfi

Barfi is a sweet that is made out of dense milk. The name of this dish is deravied from the word Bard, a Persian word that menas snow. Some of the most famous Barfis are the pista barfi, besan barfi, kaaju barfi, malay barfi, and the chocolate barfi.

10. Cham Cham

Cham Cham is a type of Indian dish that is a mixture of barfi and gulab jamun. Cham Cham has the body of a gulab jamun or a rasgulla and its middle has dense milk sweet. Sometimes, Cham Cham uses cherry and nuts.

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