11 Amazing Facts About Indian Food That You Never Knew

11 Amazing Facts About Indian Food That You Never Knew

Everyone loves Indian food, and the reason behind that is the cuisine that is offered by India is so amazing that many consider it as the best in the world. The food India offers is so delicious, that foodies all over the world can talk about it for hours and hours, but there are some things that we might know about.
To increase your knowledge about Indian food, we bring you some facts that are related to Indian food.

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11 Amazing Facts About Indian Food That You Never Knew

1. India is known as the “Land of Spices”, this is because no country in the world produces as many varieties of herbs and spices as India does.

2. Arabs, Greeks, and Romanians have helped a lot in making the cuisine India has today. Kebabs, Naans, and biryani are some of the dishes they brought to India.

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3. Traditional Indian cuisine did not use tomatoes, potatoes, and chilli in the food. They were brought and added to the Indian dishes by the Portuguese.

4. India did not use sweeteners before the Portuguese came in. the Portuguese introduced refined sugar to Indians. Before the Portuguese came in, Indians were using fruits and honey in food.

5. Chicken Tikka Masala is not an Indian dish. As a matter of fact, the Chicken Tikka Masala was invented in Glasgow, Scotland.

6. The first Indian Restaurant in the United States of America opened in the 1960s.

7. Indian food has 6 different flavors, which include bitter, sour, salty, spicy, sweet, and astringent.

8. There is not much known about the ancient food of India and what the eating habits were of the first Indians. This is because we haven’t cracked out the ancient language of Indians.

9. Indians are not the only ones who love chutneys. When India was colonized by the British they loved chutneys so much that they named on our chutneys as “Major Grey’s” and that chutney is still famous in India!

10. Pepper is known as the king of spices because it is one of the few spices that go perfectly with anything.

11. Sweets are one of the most important parts of Indian cuisine they are part of every festival and celebrations. Laddoos are the most famous in India. They are served in all celebrations and festivals!

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