7 Best Indian Foods to Try for Lunch

7 Best Indian Foods to Try for Lunch

Indian food is one of the best foods to try if you’re a foodie. The wide variety of amazing dishes its cuisine offers just makes our mouth drip water. Just by looking at amazing Indian food, you get the urge to eat it. If you’re hungry right now and you’re trying to eat lunch, you want to check these 7 best Indian dishes out.

7 Best Indian Food to Try for Lunch

  1. Masala Bhindi

If you’re into delicious vegetarian food you should try Masala Bhindi. This dish is using fresh okra as its main ingredient. Masala Bhindi is best eaten with hot roti or naan and a salty glass of creamy Punjabi lassi.

  1. Chole Kulche

A traditional Punjabi lunch dish, the Chole Kulche is one of the best dishes that would never go out of style. Chole, which is known as Garbanzo, is mixed with cumin powder, carom powder, mango powder, ginger, and a number of other powders.

  1. Shahi Egg Curry

If you want to taste the best non-veg curry, you want to try the Shahi Egg Curry. You can try this non-veg dish out during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This non-veg dish is best served with naan, roti, and steaming hot basmati rice.

  1. Gujrati Curry

The Gujrati curry, which is a vegetarian curry, is the best type of curry you can try if you’re into vegetarian dishes. This curry is made out of gram flour, curry leaves, yogurt, ginger, and some sweet fruits.

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  1. Vegetable Pulao

The vegetable pulao, which is also known as Allahabad ki Tehri, is a pot rice meal that is very famous in Uttar Pradesh. This dish uses a number of vegetables, hot and spicy masalas, along with desi ghee. This dish is best served with curd.

  1. Dahi Chicken

The chicken curry, or Dahi chicken, is famous all over the world. This dish uses pieces of chicken that are marinated in turmeric, red chilli, garlic paste, green chilli, coriander, and tomatoes. The chicken is later thrown into dahi, where it is eaten with a hot plate of basmati rice or naan.

  1. Black Channa

If you want to have a light lunch, you want to go with black channa. Black chickpeas are packed with nutrients such as fiber and proteins. This dish is best served with hot roti, a bowl of dashi, or steaming hot basmati rice along with a glass of lassi.

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